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Plan for the year 2017
Date Waterway From To Notes
25 April GU: Main Line & GU: Pad'ton Arm Cowley Peachey Southall Annual Engine Service
26 April GU: Pad'ton Arm & GU: Main Line Southall Cowley Peachey Annual Engine Service
Day trips in July
   :1st GU: Slough Arm to/from Slough with 'The Fosters'
   :8th GU: MainLine to/from Bulls Bridge with 'The Lamdens'
3 weeks GU: Main Line & GU: Pad'ton Arm Cowley Peachey Little Venice
in August Regents Little Venice Limehouse
Bow Backwaters around Stratford being considered
Lee & Stort return trip from/to Limehouse
Regents & GU: P'ton Arm
Thams & GU: Main Line
Limehouse Bulls Bridge
GU: Main Line Bulls Bridge Cowley Peachey
It's quite possible that the above will not take 3 weeks and/or there is a delays in our decorating completion . In these circumstances we will be adding to this plan.